Our Covid-19 Protocols -Some Surgery Recommences – Additional Consulting Suite Opening Soon

Dr Macken CoVid-19 Procedures

As announced by the government recently, a gradual recommencement of elective surgeries has been allowed.  This includes cataract surgery and other eye procedures.  However, the recommencement of elective eye surgery remains on a reduced basis for the time being.  For those patients who are waiting for their cataract surgery at the public hospital, there is a backlog.  The public hospital will be gradually increasing capacity soon, however details are not available to us, at this point.

We have recommenced non-urgent consultations. However, due to social distancing requirements, we do have restrictions on how many patients and carers are able to be in the waiting room at any one time. Telephone consultation is available at the practice if you would prefer not to come in and if this would be of benefit to you. Please phone the practice if you would like more information regarding this.

Urgent Consultations:
These will continue unchanged. This includes patients requiring intravitreal injections, some laser procedures and other urgent issues such as significant risk of vision loss or other problems due to the patient’s condition. This will be determined by our staff and you will be informed if you fulfil the criteria. Please ring if you need clarification of this.

Practice changes:  
If attending an appointment as an urgent patient, please be reassured that it is safe to do so. As doctors and medical staff it is universal practice for us to undertake routine hand washing between patients and disinfect equipment after testing.

We have now relaxed some of the additional measures we introduced during the pandemic.  However, we are asking all patients and their carers to use hand sanitizer prior to entering the practice.  We are asking patients to wear a mask when they are having testing performed such as an OCT, visual field or measurements for cataract surgery. 

If you have an appointment coming up, please do not attend if you have: 
– Cold or flu symptoms including a cough, fever, sore throat or a runny nose. 

– Been advised to self-isolate by a health professional.
– Been in contact with anyone who has been recently tested positive or is awaiting results for suspected coronavirus.
– Been tested for coronavirus and are positive or awaiting results.
– An illness that makes your immune system less effective (eg chemotherapy)
Please ring the practice if you need further clarification on the above changes, require further information or if you have any concerns regarding your eye care. We are very happy to answer any questions you may have. 

We will strive to update you if any further changes need to be made. 
Please take care of yourselves during these trying times and we will be looking forward to providing our full range of eye care services as soon as possible. 

Exciting News

We are currently in the process of refurbishing an additional consulting suite to be used by our team of doctors. This new suite is located in the same building we currently occupy and will be available for use in August 2020. Having this extra area for our doctors to see patients will help us reduce waiting for appointments and still maintain social distancing requirements. This new suite will have all the equipment needed to examine your eyes and will be connected to our current rooms electronically.

We will keep you updated about this exciting development.